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Interested in writing, acting, directing, producing, editing or filming? Then look no further than here…!

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We're always looking for creative people to join our team! Find out how you can get involved here...

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BubbleTV covers all the best sport in St Andrews, and you can find the best of the coverage and blogs right here...

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Raisin Weekend 2014!

Every year the new Freshers of St Andrews are subjected to a day of abject humiliation, get drunk and the following day participate in a huge and messy foam fight. Some call it madness. Some call it weird. We call it: Raisin! Produced by BubbleTV Events. Edited by Kittsie Klaes.

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Ready for Raisin?

It’s that time of year again! That time when St Andrews goes a little bit crazy, gets a little bit tipsy and covers itself in shaving foam in a huge foam fight! We met up with the Sabbs this week to find out about their Raisin memories and get some solid advice for this year. Here’s […]

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Introducing…Baking Society!

If you love baking (we do!), then there’s one society in St Andrews that you really don’t want to miss! We went down to their Great British Bake Off Final event to get the lowdown…! If you’re interested in getting involved, find out more on their Facebook Page here!

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St Andrews Voices Festival Preview

Between 23rd and 26th October, St Andrews will be filled with music once again as the St Andrews Voices Festival returns! With Roderick Williams, Iain Burnside, The Alleycats, The Other Guys and much more, Scotland’s only Festival of Vocal and Choral Music is not one to miss! The full programme and details can be found […]

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